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NetworkZ - Better outcomes in acute care

Welcome to the NetworkZ website!

NetworkZ is a national team training intervention programme for multidisciplinary healthcare teams. The goal is to improve the safety and efficiency of care for patients. The programme is funded by ACC, delivered by the University of Auckland, and supported by the Health Quality and Safety Commission.

NetworkZ is now being implemented at DHBs around New Zealand with positive support and feedback. The implementation involves training local staff to deliver the programme who then with support, train multidisciplinary teams in real time in their departments. The programme is now established in operating rooms, emergency departments and PACU/recovery rooms. 

We are pleased to announce a continuation of support and funding to February 2022 by ACC in response the the Covid disruption. This will enable to programme to be fully implemented in the remaining DHBs. 

Please navigate down the left-hand tabs to find out more about this innovative, national healthcare initiative.

NetworkZ Overview

NetworkZ Overview

Al the images below are taken at training DHBs. The surgical images are of silicone models and not actual patient surgergy. 

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