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Technical Workshops

Technical Training Workshops

The Technical training course is a great opportunity for all DHB NetworkZ Faculty to upskill the technical aspect of running NetworkZ simulations. All are welcome regardless of skill or experience level. This course will not only give you some hands-on experience but will also help towards achieving the technical EPAs.

It would be ideal for you as a participant to have access to a SimMan3G with a monitor and instructor computer. Also having access to the traumatic amputation model given to your DHB, your blood pump, and a fully stocked moulage kit.

This will enable you to still get the guided hands-on experience with your own equipment. Practical experience is the cornerstone of this course.

To attend this course you will a personal computer and a copy of LLEAP installed onto your computer.

An unlicensed copy of LLEAP is available from the Laerdal website.


        TBC for 2021 


To register your interest in attending, please email:

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